Myeik Myanmar


New biosphere reserve in Myanmar

Protection for Lake Indawgyi and its inhabitants

Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung is pleased that Lake Indawgyi and the surrounding forest areas have been declared a biosphere reserve. Myanmar's largest lake is the second biosphere reserve of the country - an important step towards the protection of this internationally important wetland.

For many years Flora & Fauna International (FFI) has been in charge of the protection of the area together with partner organisations. In February 2016, the area was declared the second Ramsar site in Myanmar and is now a biosphere reserve. Our colleague Christoph Zöckler carried out important ornithological surveys for FFI and made recommendations for a management plan. The foundation has also supported an environmental education facility on Lake Indawgyi.

The area can be seen as a model for nature conservation in the country. Our foundation is currently actively involved in the planning of further Ramsar sites and biosphere reserves along the ecologically rich Myanmar coast.

Further information

Press release of Flora&Fauna International 15.12.2018: Indawgyi Wetland Education Centre 
Press release of Flora&Fauna International 16.06.2017: UNESCO declares Indawgyi lake basin as Biosphere Reserve