Foreign voluntary Service for young people

Many young adults would like to get involved abroad and get to know certain fields of activity in a sheltered environment, try themselves out and gain experience. An assignment abroad can also provide ideas and impulses for career choices.

With our volunteer programme in Sicily we offer you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a foreign living and working environment and to get to know and strengthen your skills by working on our projects. You will be encouraged and supported to develop suitable small projects independently and with your own creative power. The individual skills of the volunteers are meaningfully woven into the work areas of the host organisation.

“Thanks to Giacche Verdi Bronte I can contribute to climate protection. I am proud to leave an important trace for the future of children here in Sicily: it was one of my dreams before coming here from Turkey.“ (Volunteer Betul Dogan)

“In my time with Giacche Verdi I learned a lot about the environment, agriculture and Sicily‘s culture. I also learn more things about a sustainable life every day. The things I love about working with Giacche Verdi Bronte are that the work is very varied from day to day and we can always share. (Volunteer Laura Serra)

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Traineeship in Sicily

The volunteers' activities on site form the basis for understanding global challenges using a local example, where economic and social developments are in conflict with environmental and nature conservation goals. By working on nature conservation issues, volunteers can have a positive influence and identify the opportunities and challenges of sustainable development.

The daily exchange of volunteers with local employees, local volunteers and the public also creates a variety of exchange relationships. This benefits everyone involved: mutual awareness is strengthened and understanding for each other, for foreign behaviour, attitudes and working methods is increased. We see such an intercultural exchange as an important basis for strengthening tolerance, empathy and solidarity.

The volunteers also serve as role models for the local youth and give suggestions for their own commitment in their community. They are encouraged to look beyond their own horizons and can, for example, learn about career and development opportunities in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection. The commitment of our volunteers can make an important contribution to showing school children the options for career orientation in "green areas".

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