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Endangered wildlife in the Annapurna National Park, Nepal

Sensitization and environmental education for nature conservation

Annapurna National Park is home to many endangered species such as the clouded leopard, Asiatic wild dog, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan serow, brown goral, and spotted linsang. Globally threatened bird species such as the Himalayan vulture and the white-rumped vulture can also be found here. The foundation Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung supports Friends of Nature, Nepal (FON) in raising awareness and environmental education to counteract the current threats to the park from road construction, dam projects, and poaching.

Despite the national park status, the wildlife habitats there are threatened. The recent increase in construction of small and large hydropower projects is degrading many rivers and requires the construction of access roads, which in turn provide poachers with easy access to rare wildlife.

The project relies on the commitment of the local population to protect their unique wildlife.

The measures:

  • Investigating  the Environmental Impact Assessments of local development projects and disseminate among the population.
  • Production and broadcasting of a radio programme on the importance of wildlife
  • Support of nature clubs in schools
  • Raising awareness of nature conservation at local festivals

photos: Friends of Nepal