Freedom for the Kamp River

De-damming-Initiative in Austria

Since 2017, Riverwatch has been committed to the removal of obsolete and ecologically disastrous dams with our support. A current example is the Rosenburg hydropower plant on the Kamp River, a 113-year-old hydroelectric power plant, that is to be enlarged in accordance with the wishes of the energy company (EVN). Together with WWF, Naturschutzbund and local stakeholders, we are campaigning for the dam to be removed.

On the international symposium held on site at the end of April, the stakeholders together with Dam Removal experts from the USA, Finland and the Netherlands addressed the future of the River Kamp and presented alternatives to hydropower plants. By removing this river barrier at Rosenburg in an ecologically sensible way, the Kamp could once again become a small paradise for many endangered species, along a stretch of 20 km. 

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