Biosphärenreservat Äthiopien

Kaffee Äthiopien

Ethiopia - Biosphere Reserve in the Wild Coffee Forest

Protection for the origin of wild Arabica coffee

South-West Ethiopia is home to one of the most diverse rainforest forests in the world. The protection of these cloud forests in connection with sustainable concepts of use and a sales structure for the wild coffee resulted in the development of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO in 2010. The foundation Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung supports this development lead by the NABU, financially, i.e. for establishing an information center in Bonga, the largest city in the Kafa area. For residents and tourists alike, it offers information about the biosphere reserve, interesting facts about the biodiversity of the cloud forest and special features and touristical destinations in the region.


With its high biodiversity, Ethiopia is among the 35 biodiversity hotspots on earth. The remaining virgin forests contain various natural and cultural treasures and are regarded as particularly valuable. The south-west of Ethiopia is known as the origin of wild coffee (Coffea arabica).

The biosphere reserve counts 760.144 hectares, 55 % of which are covered by forest. With elevations of 500 to 3,350 m above sea level, the montane cloud forests are home to a great variety of animal and plant species, many of them rare, endemic and endangered.

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