Peatlands & Climate

In many aspects peatlands are particularly important ecosystems. Not only do they harbor a variety of rare animal and plant species, they also store huge amounts of carbon, making a major contribution to climate protection and the global water balance. They also serve as large-area water reservoirs (release during drought, absorption during excess water, cooling function during heat). Disturbances of the important moor ecosystems thus have very complex and threatening consequences for the climate and biodiversity. The Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung is committed to the preservation and rewetting of peatlands in the following projects:

  • Purchase of land and rewetting near Bremen
  • The campaign "Aktion Moorschutz" (Lower Saxony Peatlands Protection Programme).
  • Study on the nature and climate relevance of renewable raw materials and support of trial fields known as paludiculture (cultivation of marsh plants).
  • The financing of a study and inventory of peatlands in Eastern Europe.
  • Support for the development of local capacities for the renaturation of large peatland areas in Russia (near Moscow).
  • Nature conservation activities in Indonesia (prevention of the clearing of rainforests on fens).
  • Support for the establishment of the Patagonian Peatland Initiative with partners from Chile and Argentina for the exchange of knowledge, networking, and promotion of conservation measures.

With our commitment in the area of peatland and climate protection, we also want to set an example for partner organisations, governments and entrepreneurs, as the conservation of peatlands is of crucial importance for species and climate protection.