Our atlas of about 200 wetlands on South America's west coast

Basis for the protection of coastal ecosystems along the Pacific Bird Migration Route

An important step in our three-country, cross-Latin America commitment is the creation of a comprehensive data collection on the most valuable coastal ecosystems of Chile, Peru and Ecuador. It is available online (not yet complete) for everyone and is intended to support environmentalists and governments in their conservation efforts.

Click here for the atlas „Humedales Costeros“ [in Spanish]: https://humedalescosteros.org/atlas/

204 wetlands line up like a string of pearls along the Pacific coast and form oases essential for the survival of (migratory) birds and other animal and plant species in a region otherwise characterised by deserts, scrubland and dry forests. They have a high biodiversity and are in most cases also of socio-cultural importance.

The online atlas provides information on each wetland: natural history, flora and fauna, migratory coastal birds, watersheds and water quality, and threats to nature. Documentaries, articles, bibliography, etc. are also listed. The entire wetland chain is integrated into a geographic online information system (ArcGIS Online), which contains a variety of additional data. It provides information relevant for the protection of these areas at regional level and between countries.

The data is based on our own field studies and other sources and was collected together with scientists, students, volunteers and various specialists. The atlas supports the efforts of our foundation over many years to work towards a common conservation strategy for the three governments of Chile, Peru and Ecuador for the wetlands that are vital for survival in the (semi-) arid coastal region.