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16.06.09: Statement von Yasar Kemal zum Ilisu-Projekt     

Der wohl bekannteste türkischen Schriftsteller Yasar Kemal kritisiert Ilisu und schließt sich der Kampagne an.

Sein Statement (englisch):

Yaşar Kemal: Destroying Hasankeyf means destroying a world heritage.

Istanbul, 16 June 2009

Yaşar Kemal, one of the greatest names in Turkish literature, issued this statement whilst lending his support for the international petition to declare the Tigris Valley, which includes Hasankeyf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

 “With all my heart I believe that destroying  nature is the biggest crime in the world. It is not forgivable at all. Up until today,  I fight for nature as I fight for humanity. We have to keep in mind that the day that nature perishes is the day that humanity perishes.

“Once upon a time, the dams were an indispensable part of economic development. However, Dams built in a blind manner were one of the top causes of the destruction of the nature. For instance, the fall of the Soviet Union was due to neither wars, nor Gorbachev. The reason was the dams. The unplanned dam building in the country resulted in the destruction of a region, which was deemed to be the wheat bunker of the country. In 1963, the Soviets had to import wheat from Canada, and ration the bread. Today, they are still trying to prevent the desertification of the Aral Sea.

“The dams not only destroy  nature; by salting the soil, desertification, and spreading diseases, they also destroy the culture and fertile agricultural lands. The river beds are the most fertile agricultural lands in the world and the dams have destroyed these lands.

“The historical heritage is a heritage to the world. When the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamyan, it caused a global public protest. A society that destroys its nature and history is never to survive.

In Hasankeyf, it is impossible to separate nature from history. The attempts to save its richness by rescue excavations and the proposals to move it somewhere else, which is impossible to implement, means the destruction of the world heritage.

I will support  the Doğa Foundation Hasankeyf campaign till the end. Hasankeyf is a world heritage and has to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”