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Reports and Analysis concerning Turkey's dam policies:

Report by the Turkish Water Assembly (2011):
"HEPP's, Dams and the Status of Nature in Turkey"

Report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:
"Human Rights violations by dams in Turkey"(March 2011)

Film 'Anatolian Revolt' (2011):

European Commission: Turkey 2010 Progress Report (chapter on environment: p. 89 ff.) (Nov. 2010)

Statement by DG Environment during the conference 'Water Politics in Turkey' in the European Parliament (Nov. 2010)

Project Conditions by European export credit agencies (ECAs) and reports by the ECA Committee of Experts concerning the Ilisu dam (2006-2009)

Terms of Reference on Resettlement, Environmental aspects, Cultural heritage, Riparian States

Evaluation of theTerms of Reference (Stop Ilisu Campaign, 2007) 

Environmental Report, June 2008
Environmental Report, May 2008
Environmental Report, February 2008

Second Report, Resettlement, June 2008
Second Report -Annex, Resettlement, June 2008
First Report, Resettlement, February 2008
First Report - Annex, Resettlement, February 2008

Kulturelles Erbe:
Report Cultural Heritage, October 2008
Report Cultural Heritage, February 2008


Expert  Analysis

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay (2006): Hasankeyf in the Context of  Cultural Heritage Preservation in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay (2008):  Letter to Alessandro Profumo, CEO of  the UnoCredit Group

Doga Dernergy (Türkei):  Critical Review of  the Environmental Impact Assessment Report submitted for the Ilisu Dam and Hydro Electric Power Project 

eawag - aquatic research:  Independent Review of the Environmental Impacts Assessment Report (EIAR) 2005  on the future Ilisu Dam

PWA Philip Williams & Associates LTC (2006): A Review Of The Hydrologic And Geomorphic Impacts Of The Proposed Ilisu Dam

Maggie Ronayne, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland; Kurdish Human Rights Project, London, England (2005):
The Cultural and Environmetal Impact of Large Dams in South East Turkey

Ilisu Dam: Facts and History


NGO Analysis

WEED, EvB, ECA-Watch (2006): Notes on the Feasiblity  of the Archaeological  Salvage Plan 

C. Eberlein, "Erklärung von Bern" u.a.:  Evaluation of the Terms of Reference on Resettlement and an their Implementation for the Ilisu Dam Project in Turkey 

The Corner House; Environmental Defense; FERN; Friends of the Earth-Japan; the Halifax Initiative; International Rivers Network, Probe International and the World Development Movement (September 2005): A Trojan Horse for Large Dams: How export credit agencies are offering new subsidies for destructive projects under the guise of environmental protection. A report prepared for ECA-WATCH 

Erklärung von Bern, WEED, ECA-Watch: Evaluation of the Terms of Reference and Resettlement and their Implementation for the Ilisu Dam Project in Turkey 

ECA-Watch, Österreich; EvB, Schweiz; WEED, Deutschland (September 2007):
Summary of the Evaluation of the Terms of Reference and the Implementation for the Ilisu Dam Project in Turkey Regarding Resettlement, Environmental Issues, Cultural Heritage and Riparian Countries 

Comments on Ilisu Dam Project and Ilisu Rap's "Notes from deep interviews withe the stakeholders" 

WEED, FERN, u.a. (February 2006): A Review of the Hydrologic and Geomorphic Impacts of the proposed Ilisu Dam

Judith Neyer (September 2006): European ECA Reform Campaign 

Erklärung von Bern (October 2007): Report of Ilisu Fact Finding Mission 

Diren Özkan (April 2008): Report of the Public Hearing on resettlement in Hasankeyf

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