The Initiative „Stop Ilisu - Save Hasankeyf!" is carried out by several organisations.

Coordinator: Ulrich Eichelmann from ECA-Watch Austria.

Participating Organisations are:

Austria: ECA-Watch Austria
Germany: Weed, Manfred-Hermsen-Stiftung
Switzerland: Erklärung von Bern

Responsible for Content: Ulrich Eichelmann, Stefanie Hermsen

Creation of Website: Niels Kristoph, Hannover

Legal Rights for photos und texts lie, if not indicated otherwise, with the campaign "Stop Ilisu - Rettet Hasankeyf!" . The photo on the first page was taken by Christian Kaiser from Hamburg; all others are from Ulrich Eichelmann and Stefanie Hermsen.

Limitation of Liability: The publishers and editors from www.stopIlisu.com are not liable for contentual mistakes nor for the content of other linked websites.