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2013-03-22: Open Letter Sent to Andritz Company Concerning its Engagement in the Construction of the Ilisu Dam

2013-01-10: Istanbul: Controversial Ilisu Dam on Hasankeyf halted by Turkish court

2012-09-04: Ilisu: Tigris has been diverted

2012-08-15: International Rivers / Belo Monte Dam, Brazil: Belo Monte Dam Suspended by Brazilian Appeals Court

2012-05-22: Marsh Arabs protest Ilisu Project in Hasankeyf

2012-03-22: Ilisu Dam: Unesco Petition launched!

2012-03-14: Doga Dernegi/Stop Ilisu Campaign: Ilisu dam in south east Turkey to have serious psychological and social impact on locals – survey

2011-11-22: Videoclip against Belo Monte: Brasilians most popular actors get involved.

2011-07-20: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
One of the rarest fish species on earth re-discovered in the Tigris River near Hasankeyf - the Ilisu-dam would eliminate the species

2011-05-21: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
UN-Comittee deeply concerned about Ilisu dam

2011-04-07: Doga Dernegi/Stop Ilisu Campaign:
The great march of Anatolia begins

2011-04-04: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
New Film on Ilisu

2011-03-30: New York Times:
Court Case Could Slow Turkish Dam Project

2011-03-07: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
Profits through destruction - The other annual balance of Andritz

2011-01-18: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
Hasankeyf to re-open in April, Government gives in to protests

2010-12-15: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
Life in New Ilisu: Villagers become strangers in their own strange town

2010-11-18: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
Turkish dam policy discussed in EU

2010-11-04: Berne Declaration - CounterCurrent - ECA Watch Austria
Ilisu project: Handing over of keys for new houses: a cynical act against international standards

2010-10-15: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
Protest Camp in Hasankeyf (Oct.11-17)

2010‎-09-28: GlobalPost:
 Hydro dam threatens ancient settlement

2010-09-25: Los Angeles Times (blog):
 TURKEY: Dam threatens to inundate heritage, livelihood of Kurdish town

2010‎-07-09: Asia Times Online:
Turkish history to sink to oblivion

2010-09-06: IBTimes Hong Kong:
 Report: Developing Nations Need To Diversify Water Supplies

2010-09-01: Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive:
2010‎-08-09: Austrian Independent:
Andritz earnings soar as Ilisu dam debate continues

2010-07-05: Hürriyet Daily News:
SE Turkey's Hasankeyf castle falling apart due to neglect 

2010-06-25: Kurdish Aspect: KHRP Alarmed to Hear Reports of Village Destruction in Ilisu Region

2010-09-01: Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive:
Call for Participation to the Hasankeyf Solidarity Camp!


2010-07-08: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
One year after Europe's withdrawal from the Ilisu project: new hope for Hasankeyf despite restart of construction 

2010-06-24: ANF - Firat News Agency/Hasankeyf Girisimi:
Army burned villages - Villagers prevented from extinguishing the fire

2010-06-17: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
Andritz on BankTrack's Black List of Companies

2010-06-16: ANF - Firat News Agency/Hasankeyf Girisimi:
Construction works began without permission

2010-06-15: ECA Watch Austria/WWF Austria:
Andritz - Europe's Disgrace

2010-06-15: Reuters:
Andritz wins 340 mln eur Ilisu order

2010-06-15: Working With Water:
Andritz receives order for electromechanical equipment

2010-06-08: Today's Zaman:
Hasankeyf: Going, going... but not yet gone

2010-06-01: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
New Scandals in Ilisu Project:
Expropriations in Ilisu village without adequate compensation; Monuments in Hasankeyf not to be rebuilt; Austrian company Andritz shares responsibility 

2010-05-31: Spiegel Online International:
Protecting Turkey's Treasures - Environmentalists See One Last Chance to Stop Ilisu Dam

2010-05-24: Hürriyet Daily News:
Remnants of Turkey's Hasankeyf to be moved to 'New Ilısu'

2010-05-17: Stop Ilisu Campaign:
 Construction of Ilisu dam restarted - Austrian Andritz the only Europen company to remain in the project

2010-05-06: Environment News Service:
Water Scarcity Endangers Iraq's Migratory Birds   

2010‎-04-24: Japan Focus:
China's Overseas Dam Builders: from Rogue Players to Responsible Actors? (Peter Bosshard)

2010-04-19: Dèveloppement Durable:
Turquie: le projet controverse de barrage suit son cours

2010-04-18: AFP:
La Turquie passe outre le refus des Européens pour un barrage controversé

2010-04-11: Hurriyet Daily News:
Alternatives to a dam-free Hasankeyf explored at conference

China: Not the Rogue Dam Builder We Feared It would Be? (Peter Boshart)

2010-04-02: monsters and critics:
Turkish professors urge government to halt dam project

2010-03-22: Stop Ilisu Campaign/Initiative to keep Hasankeyf alive:
4th Tree Planting Action in Hasankeyf

2010-03-14:Stop Ilisu Campaign/Initiative to keep Hasankeyf alive:
International Action Day of Rivers - Dam protests in Turkey

2010-03-05: bloomberg:
Ilisu Dam Decision Likely Within Months, Andritz Says

2010-02-12: Stop Ilisu Campaign/Initiative to keep Hasankeyf alive:
Expropriation for New-Hasankeyf stopped

2010-02-12: Press Release, Stop Ilisu Campaign, ECA Watch Austria
Announcement for restart of Ilisu project without final decision  

2010-02-12: Worls Bulletin:
Turkey says to continue Ilisu dam project

Türkiye ILISU barajını yapmayı başarabilecek mi? Başbakan, BAŞARACAĞIZ diyor

La Turquie va construire le barrage contesté d'Ilisu

La Turchia costruirà la diga di Ilisu

2010-02-12: Corrieire del Ticino:
La Turchia non rinuncia alla diga

2010-02-12: Het Belang van Limburg:
Turkije gaat door met bouw betwiste stuwdam

Turkije bouwt omstreden stuwdam

Turkije zet bouw omstreden stuwdam door

2010-02-11: Press Release Stop Ilisu Campaign, ECA Watch Austria
EU Parliament demands stop of work in Ilisu dam project - investigation by EU Commission?

 2010-01-26: Press Release (Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive):
Last call to Akbank and Garantibank to step back from Ilisu Project!

2010-01-16: Sunday's Zaman:
Politician's Dam

2010-01-13: Circle of Blue WaterNews:
New Bank Loans Revive Controversial Ilisu Dam Project in Turkey

2010-01-04: IPS Europe:
Politics: Backlash against rogue Chinese Investors alarms Beijing

2009-12-30: Reuters:
Turkey says to go ahead with Ilisu dam construction - Govt to secure 300-350 mln euro loan...

2009-12-10: Hürriyet Daily News:
 New 'Disneyland' formula for Hasankeyf proposed

2009-12-14: Istanbul Calling:
 For Controversial Turkish Dam, A Lifeline Made in China?

2009-12-13: Treehugger:
Turkey Plans 'Disneyland' Version of Historic Dam Site

 Nearly One Mln Tourists Visit Hasankeyf

2009-12-02: International Rivers: (Peter Bosshard - Wet Wild and Wonky):
Will China Turn Its Back on International Standards in the Ilisu Dam?

Asset Shortage during Power Shortage

2009-11-21: Terranews:
Idroegemonia, la nuova sfida delle potenze

2009-11-13: Press Release (Initiative to keep Hasankeyf alive):
Ilisu construction has started again without pemission

2009-10-10: Press Release (Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive):
20.000 demonstrated against dams in Dersim on Munzur River

2009-10-10: PressTV (Iran):
Iran comes to Iraq's aid over water problem

2009-10-05: Hürriyet Daily News:
Historic concert at Hasankeyf in Southeast Turkey 

2009-10-02: Asia Times:
Dam disputes strain Turkey-Iraq ties

2009-09-30: Press Update:
Update on Ilisu - what happened during the summmer

2009-09-09: Gondwana:
Turquie: la Société Générale préfère se retirer du projet de Barrage d'Ilisu

Droogte wordt nieuwe vijand van Irak

2009-09-04: The National:
Iraq's new war is a fight for water

2009-09-01: Kurdish Herald Vol. 1 Issue 5:
Turkey's GAP and its Impact in the Region

2009-08-29: The National:
Waiting for the Flood

Turquía e Irak forcejean por el Éufrates

2009-08-26: The Christian Science Monitor:
Turkey can avert a tragedy on the Tigris

2009-08-09: Reuters América Latina:
Sequía deja estragos en esfuerzos de recuperación Irak

2009-08-07: The New York Times Green Inc.:
Turkish Dam Loses European Creditors

2009-07-14: New York Times
Iraq Suffers as the Euphrates River Dwindles

2009-07-13: VOA News
Funds for Turkey's Ilisu Dam Dry Up

2009-07-13: Hurryiet
Is Hasankey in our hearts?

2009-07-10: Press Release
European banks’ withdraw from Ilisu dam project in Turkey

2009-07-07: Le Monde
Les Européens réticents à financer le barrage turc d'Ilisu

2009-07-07: Press Release
Ilisu involvement comes to an end – Austria’s OeKB officially declares pull-out

2009-07-07: Bloomberg: Turkey Loses $630 Million Dam Financing on Flood Plan

2009-07-02: Press Release: Ilisu: Actors, Directors and Politicians join Campaign to save Hasankeyf

2009-06-22: Press Release
Germany, Austria and Switzerland backing out of Ilisu Dam Project in Turkey 

2009-06-16: Press Release (Doga Dernegi)
Yasar Kemal: Destroying Hasankeyf means destroying a World heritage

2009-06-09: Press Release
Ilisu Dam-Affected People Expropriated amidst Ultimatum

2009-06-07: Today's Zaman
Villagers of Hasankeyf embark upon desperate public diplomacy campaign 

2009-06-04: Press Release Greenpeace
Activists target Gunns pulp mill equipment supplier in Vienna 

2009-06-04: Press Release
Austrian Environmental Organizations demand: Hands off Tasmania!

2009-06-01: Press Release
Ilisu dam project on the Tigris: International Standards unreached despite Ultimatum

2009-05-30: Diyarbakır Söz

28.5.2009: Romandie News
Barage d'Ilisu: les ONG mettent la pression

28.05.2009‎: Batman Doğuş Gazetes‎

28.5.2009: Wall Street Italia
Turchia/ Nel 2009 privatizzazione rete distribuzione elettricità

2009-05-28: The Smithonian
Endangered Cultural Treasures: The City of Hasankeyf

2009-05-26: Spiegel online International
Turkish Popstar battles Ilisu Project: 'Stop With This Insanity!'

2009-05-20: AFP
Turkey blamed for looming crop 'disaster' in Iraq

2009-05-20: De Telegraaf
'Ramp dreigt in Irak door Turkse stuwdammen'

Pénurie d'eau: l'Irak impute à la Turquie une "catastrophe" à venir

2009-05-19: Reliefweb
Prioritising Human Rights
(... The Special Rapporteur on the right of food warned in 2006 that the building of the Ilisu Dam in Turkey would displace and impoverish more than 50 thousand Kurdish people and flood the ten thousand year old town of Hasankeyf ...)

Petition to declare Hasankeyf a UNESCO World Heritage Site

2009-05-15: Press Release
Hasankeyf defies Dam Construction Lobby

2009-05-13: Hurriyet
Stop funding to rescue Hasankeyf

2009-04-21: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release:
Hasankeyf on US Must-see-list

2009-04-19: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release:
Erdogan accuses opponents as terrorists

2009-04-16: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release
Hasankeyf and Tigris Valley: a perfect fit for a UNESCO World Heritage Site

2009-04-13: Times Online:
turkish dam, british dilemma

2009-03-23: Aksiyon Dergisi:
Hasankeyf'e ‘one minute' lütfen

2009-03-23: Radio France International:
Turquie : la ville d'Hasankeyf espère être sauvée des eaux (Reportage multimédia)

2009-03-23: United Press International:
Analysis: Controversy surrounds Turkey's Ilisu Dam

2009-03-23: counterpunch:
Tollbridge over Troubled Waters

2009-03-23: Radio France International:
Turquie : la ville d'Hasankeyf espère être sauvée des eaux (Reportage multimédia)

2009-03-23: Turkish Weekly:
Turkey Wants to Use Water to Build Peace rather than Allowing it to Become a Source of Tension

2009-03-19: Reuters:
Selfish use of rivers seen threatening political stability

2009-03-19: Nouvelles d'Aarménie Magazine:
En Turquie, Hasankeyf espère être sauvé des eaux

2009-03-19: Common Dreams:
Democratic Forum Demands Public Water for All

2009-03-18: WorldFocus:
Controversy surrounds water forum in Turkey

2009-03-16: International Herald Tribune:
Slideshow: Competing visions stall Turkish dam project

2009-03-15: International Herald Tribune:
Competing visions stall Turkish dam project

2009-03-13: Le Temps (CH):
La Suisse jugée par le tribunal de l'eau

2009-03-13: AFP:
Leaders on trial at 'water tribunal' in Istanbul

2009-03-10: AFP:
Un "Tribunal de l'Eau" ouvre à Istanbul pour juger les atteintes à la nature

2009-03-10: ADN (ES):
Comienza un juicio ético a Estados y compañías por el mal uso del agua

2009-02-20: (CZ):
Zkázu nese voda

Activists seize Austrian bank to protest Turkish dam project

2008-12-12: Hurriyet
Bank may cancel Ilisu credit

2008-12-12: International Rivers:
Austria Acknowledges Ilisu Failure

Austrian Foreign Minister declares Pull Out from Ilisu Project

2008-12-10: Ö1 Inforadio:
Activists occupy Austrian bank

2008-12-10: Trend Capital News Agency:
Activists seize Austrian bank to protest Turkish dam project

ECA Watch Austria seizes OeKB building

Environmentalists Accuse Ankara of Early Start on Mega Dam

2008-12-03: Hurriyet
Jump alleged at the Ilısu starting line

2008-12-02: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release
Iilisu dam tramples on

2008-09-02: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release
Germany and its double standards

2008-12-02: "Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive"
Open Letter to European Governments

2008-11-25: Stop Ilisu Campaign
Istanbul: Celebrities protest against Ilisu project

2008-10-23: The EpochTimes:
Tigris Dam Will Flood Historical Sites

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Governor's Palace In Turkey

2008-10-21: idw-online:
Archaeologists from Mainz University uncover ancient governor's palace in Turkey 

2008-10-16: Stop Ilisu Campaign
Environmental Destruction as Export Hit 

2008-10-16: The Atlantic (Issue November 2008):
Turkish Bath

Letters From the Old Civilization (1)

2008-10-09: The National/Abu Dhabi:
Turkey dam risks losing foreign funding

2008-10-09: Hü
Turkey's Ilisu Dam risks losing European funding

2008-10-08: Project Finance Magazine:
Ilisu financing faces environmental default

Germany warns Turkey over Ilisu dam

Turkey served notice over Ilisu dam

Pullout from Ilisu officially initiated

Germany and its double standards: The Ilisu Dam Project 

2008-06-20: NGOs meet ECAs and Committee of Experts in Vienna -

Turkey still doesn't comply with project conditions while construction is underway
Report from dialogue meeting with ECAs, CoEs and campaigners (June 20, 2008) 

Dam Legacies, Damned Futures

2008-05-21: Turkish Daily News: 
Swiss ambassador on mission to strengthen economic ties

2008-05-15: Turkish Daily News:
Pop star inaugurates "Stop Iliısu Dam, Save Hasankeyf'"- campaign

2008-05-14: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release
Doga Dernegi launches its campaign in historical Hasankeyf  

2008-05-12: Turkish Daily News:
Megastar Tarkan joins campaign to save Hasankeyf 

2008-04-07: International Rivers: 
Will the Ilisu Dam Drown Out Western Credibility?

2008-04-01: Turkish Daily News:
Export guarantees for controversial dam dependent on immediate action

2008-03-24: Spiegel Online International:
Berlin May Withdraw Backing for Turkish Project

"Financial Times"  shoots movie about Ilisu

Tree Planting Action in Hasankeyf 

2008-03-18: DOGA DERNEGI Press Release 
Doga Dernegi urges Export credit agencies

Scathing Expert Report Confirms Problems

Protest Rallies Against Turkish Dam To Be Held All Over Europe &
Ilisu Dam Critics Backed by Damning Expert Report

Syrian Deputy Premier Dardari urged Turkey Wednesday to let more water flow

Arbitrary Expropriation begins at Contestet Ilisu Site

Turkish Dam May Leave Mosques, Mosaics to Tigris Scuba Divers 

Ilisu: The giant hydroelectric power plant is set to start operating by 2014 

2007-08-21: Turkish Daily News:
Allegiance to Hasankeyf Express
2008-04-18 until 2008-04-20: Activity of Community Volunteers in Hasankeyf