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As long as the Ilisu dam is not built we will raise a protest!

The objective of our campaign is to stop the Ilisu project and to create a real alternative for the region. Hasankeyf and the Tigris valley should receive the status of a UNESCO World Heritage region. On an ongoing basis we inform the public about the progress of this project, via PR and media such as website, brochures, films, events etc. The more people know about this scandalous project , the better. It is also important to build a large network of supporters.

Saving Hasankeyf, nature and the homes ot thousands is not the only issue. It is also about  sending a political signal: We want to prevent the European states from promoting desatrous projects in other parts of the world, while unthinkable within Europe. We have to oppose this kind of outdated economic colonialism. The Ilisu campaign is also meant to spotlight a dark chapter of our highly praised export economy. In July 2009 the Stop Ilisu Save Hasankeyf Campaign celebrated a major success when Germany, Austria and Switzerland pulled out of the project together with European banks and companies.


In May 2008 an information office has been opened in Hasankeyf. The aim of this office is to provide information to locals, journalists and to visitors about  Hasankeyf, the Tigris valley and the Ilisu dam project. The office also serves as the base for our initiative 'Ilisu-Watch', another key element of the campaign. Within this framework our campaign, together with the Turkish environmental organisation 'Doga Dernegi' and the local 'Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive', closely observe what is happening on site and whether Turkey obides to international standards in their resettlement policy and environmental protection measures.

If you also object the Ilisu-dam project and want to support us, click HERE.


latest update: 2011-02-07