Save Hasankeyf - Stop Ilisu!    

The Ilisu-Project in south-eastern Turkey is one of the world's most controversial dam projects. It will have catastrophic impacts on people, nature and cultural heritage. Our campaign "Stop Ilisu - Save Hasankeyf" is working in Europe and Turkey to stop the project and help create a real and sustainable future for the affected region.

Latest News:

2013-03-22: Open Letter Sent to Andritz Company Concerning its Engagement in the Construction of the Ilisu Dam

2013-01-10: Istanbul: Controversial Ilisu Dam on Hasankeyf halted by Turkish court

2012-09-04: Ilisu: Tigris has been diverted

2012-08-15: International Rivers / Belo Monte Dam, Brazil: Belo Monte Dam Suspended by Brazilian Appeals Court

2012-05-22: Marsh Arabs protest Ilisu Project in Hasankeyf 

2012-03-22: Ilisu Dam: Unesco Petition launched!

2012-03-14: Doga Dernegi /Stop Ilisu Campaign: Ilisu dam in south east Turkey to have serious psychological and social impact on locals – survey

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Photo 2 Hasankeyf Ali Ihsan Gokcen

View of the ancient city of Hasankeyf. It will disappear in the Ilisu reservoir if the dam is completed. (c) Doga Dernegi/Ali Ihsan Gokcen